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Westin Bayshore Hotel

With 511 hotel rooms, 60,000 square feet of conference facilities, two commercial restaurants and two pools, the Westin Bayshore is a large hotel and conference facility located in downtown Vancouver. In 2011, SES was asked to complete a modified Level 2 ASHRAE Audit including mechanical, controls, lighting and water systems. Originally constructed in 1960, the hotel had an above average energy intensity for British Columbia making it an excellent candidate for efficiency upgrades. In total SES recommended a total of 20 capital and low-cost measures with a combined simple payback of 6 years; resulting in savings estimate of almost 60% of their annual operating costs and exceeding their savings targets of 30% energy and 20% water. Innovative recommendations included further exploration of alternative water heating through an ocean loop heat pumps, similar to the system installed at the nearby Vancouver Convention Centre.

Sheraton Guildford Hotel

The Sheraton Guildford Hotel is a 26,022 square meter building originally constructed in 1992. Recently, SES Consulting was contracted to provide an Energy Study for the facility. With a building energy performance index of 1107, the facility was already operating efficiently when compared with other large hotels at 1897, however SES was still able to identify a mix of controls, mechanical, lighting and water projects resulting in a projected 26% reduction in total energy use.

Coast Hotel

SES Consulting Inc. was asked to provide an Energy Study to analyse the present operation of the Chilliwack branch of Coast Hotel.  The 9 storey building has a total floor area of approximately 7,500 m2, and consists of a restaurant, a kitchen, a pool area, meeting rooms, a banquet room, and 110 guest rooms.  Based on our recommendations, the following measures were implemented:

  • High efficiency domestic hot water
  • Speed drive
  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades

YWCA Hotel

Energy projects and re-commissioning of the YMCA Hotel was completed and identified the following projects:
  • DDC Upgrade and Optimization
  • Terminal Heat Pump (2 pipe) Optimization
  • Make Up Air System Optimization
  • Steam Heating Optimization
  • Sempa Hybrid Heating Installation
  • Solar Domestic Water Heating
  • NRCAN Eco-Energy Incentives