SES Consulting

engineering energy efficiency



Karen Jawl – Jawl Properties

“We have worked with SES Consulting to identify and implement energy upgrades at 15 office buildings in Victoria, BC. In addition they assisted us in the energy efficient design of a building targeting LEED Gold. Thanks to SES we have reduced our energy consumption in our existing office buildings by an average of 25%. It is projected that our new construction project will operate 48% more efficiently than the current ASHRAE standard. In dealing with SES we have found them to be highly professional, experienced and capable. In general the results they achieved exceeded their projections. I also appreciated that they endeavoured to understand our business and analyze various projects in the context of our business objectives, not just within the silo of energy conservation. In partnership with SES we have improved our energy performance, improved our business and done the right thing for the environment.”

Victor Pankratz – City of Abbotsford

“We have been working with SES consulting extensively for the last few years. The energy assessments they provided us have helped identify potential projects that we implemented to save us energy and reduce our energy costs. We are a BC power smart partner and by working with SES consulting and BC hydro we have saved over $80,000 in electrical energy in 2009.  This was a reduction of 9% in electricity use alone in the 26 facilities we are tracking.  We are continuing to work with SES Consulting to help us reduce the energy use in our larger consuming sites like our recreation centres and hope to expand the energy assessments into other sites like James Treatment plant.”