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Continuous Optimization


SES Consulting is a qualified member of the Power Smart Alliance and an approved Consultant for the Continuous Optimization Program, with extensive experience working in conjunction with BC Hydro energy conservation programs. Over time, building systems do not operate as optimally as they could and will use more energy than they should in order to satisfy occupant comfort and lighting requirements.  This program aims to identify activities that attempt to reduce energy use through the identification and implementation of low-cost operational and maintenance changes.

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We help clients to successfully achieve their recommissioning goals throughout the following four phases:

1. Investigation Phase

  • Completion of a rigorous and comprehensive on-site investigation and analysis of the building operations to identify optimization opportunities
  • Completion of a mechanical equipment inventory, historical energy analysis, and an estimate of overall energy use by system to be used to evaluate estimated project savings
  • Completion of the Findings Workbook with the Master List of Findings
  • Completion of the RCx Investigation Report

2. Implementation Phase

  • Design¬†and project management services for the streamlined implementation of energy conservation measures

3. Hand-off Phase

  • Verify completion of each measure, and conduct in-house training presentation for operations personnel
  • Update of the Findings Workbook with the Implementation Summary Table
  • Completion of the RCx Final Report
  • Conduct a project debrief with BC Hydro

4. Post Project Phase

  • Conduct 4 half day coaching sessions during the first year following the implementation
  • Completion of Coaching Session Reports