SES Consulting

engineering energy efficiency


Design Services

SES offers clients a comprehensive service to create design documents that will provide the vision to implement your energy efficiency projects. We strongly believe that our involvement in your designs will provide operational performance at a reasonable price.  Our practical prospective brings maintenance considerations into the design, to help you implement efficiency and realize savings.  Typical types of projects that we offer design services for are:
  • DDC Control Upgrades
  • Control Optimization Sequences and Strategies
  • Integration of Lighting, Security, HVAC, and Energy Monitoring Systems
  • High Efficiency Boiler and Domestic Water Heater Upgrades
  • Heat Loss Calculations
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Low Voltage Lighting Control Upgrades
Included in our standard design service proposal is the project management expertise to ensure that your projects are delivered and that savings are realized.  We participate as a member of your construction team during implementation, and in some cases we will manage this process for the client.  We monitor performance during and after the commissioning process to verify real results.  In a nutshell, we provide a single point of contact to help you improve the efficiency of your buildings.