With the help of SES Consulting, the Vancouver Transit Centre will receive $250,000 in Fortis funding to improve the facility’s energy consumption.  The Coast Mountain Bus Company operates the 4,000 sq ft facility that houses 400 buses and almost 1,000 employees. A large portion of the Fortis incentive will go towards installing a heat reclaim system. The remainder will go towards HVAC control system optimizations that will result in large energy savings.

Heat Reclaim

The Vancouver Transit Centre runs 24/7 to meet the transportation demands of the city which makes it a very energy intensive building. SES completed an Energy Study at the end of 2016 and identified large potential heating and gas savings. The high heating demand of the facility made heat reclamation a very attractive option that would yield large energy savings. The heat reclaim system designed for the VTC will recover heat from large exhaust fans and preheat outdoor air which will drastically reduce the building’s heating demand. Check out the Vancity Heat Reclaim project that won SES the 2016 APEGBC Sustainability Award.


The heat recovery system is estimated to save 7,000 GJs of energy. With new DDC optimizations, this will bring the total estimated savings for this project to 13,000 GJ. That’s the CO2 equivalent of 375 homes’ electricity use for one year. With such high savings potential, it’s no wonder FortisBC offered much of the funding for this project to go ahead. SES is proud to offer energy saving solutions to the Coast Mountain Bus Company. The implementation of this project is slated for 2017/2018.