In order to keep SES on the cutting edge of energy efficiency, we’re actively engaged in research and development. Right now we are focused on new strategies for heat recovery and data analytics.

In Canada, space and water heating load can be large, especially in winter. We are developing new strategies to recover waste heat. In a recent project SES designed an award winning heat recovery system at a Casino. Waste heat from the refrigeration system, which is used year round for walk-in coolers/freezers and on demand for mechanical space cooling, now provides heat for an air handler and domestic hot water heating. The system can be used in tandem with the existing heating plant when less waste heat is available for recovery.

To measure and verify savings of our energy conservation measures we are constantly pushing the boundaries of smart controls hardware and software. We’re testing the latest products for energy management and collecting feedback from users, technicians and occupants. When technology gaps arise, we work collaboratively with a network of experts to bridge the gaps.

Building systems are generating an ever increasing volume of data that we can harness to produce faster, more accurate building analysis. SES is developing building analytics tools that can bring together a variety of data streams to create new insights into energy efficiency.

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