1) Love learning
No two projects at SES are the same and every building is unique. Sometimes this means using emerging technologies or looking at things from a different perspective. When there is something new to learn on every project, your peers become a fantastic resource and we encourage a culture of learning and innovating.

If you’re always scanning the latest tech blogs and love creative problem-solving, SES might be the place for you.

2) Green at Home and Work
Everyone at SES has a passion for improving sustainability, and that doesn’t stop when we turn the computers off at the end of the day. Many of our staff volunteer for environmental causes, bike to work, or are passionate about reducing and reusing before recycling. As a group we all participate in EarthWork Day and each December donate 10% of our net profits to environmental charities selected by our staff and clients. We’re working towards a waste-free and paperless office and staff are encouraged to find more ways we can lead by example.

3) Results Matter
If it doesn’t save energy, and it doesn’t last, we haven’t done our jobs. This means working with the client, contractors and operations staff to find the best possible solutions. It means a commitment to see things through and troubleshoot any issues as they arise and making sure the tools and knowledge are in place to keep energy savings coming.

If you have a mix of pride, humility, and “intestinal fortitude” to see a job done right, you’ve got what it takes to thrive at SES.

4) It’s About Balance
We want our staff to have great careers balanced with great lives. Sometimes that means working really hard to meet a deadline, or reducing your hours to spend time with family. SES is part of a community of caring individuals and organizations that are creating a new way to do business. We’re a certified B-Corp (benefit corporation) and have made a commitment to continually improving worker wellness and contributing to our community.

Sound interesting?

We accept resumes on an ongoing basis and will contact you if a position comes up within 4 months of your submission.