Our Story

The roots of the SES family tree run deep. SES began in 1975 as Sinclair Energy Services under the leadership of Ken Sinclair. Ken was doing energy efficiency for Alberta Government buildings during the first energy crisis and his work included the early adoption of building automation systems in the drive for energy efficiency. Ken built a thriving consultancy on the values of innovation and achieving results.

Scott Sinclair spent the 90’s working as a mechanical engineer in construction, learning from journeyman trades and project managers. In 2000, Scott shifted to working internationally with non-profit organizations to form the foundation of his environmental values, and leadership vision. After managing a wildlife reserve in the Costa Rican rainforest, and leading environmental leadership programs for youth in India, Scott returned from the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in late 2002 to take over SES.

In 2003 when Ken passed the reigns of SES to Scott, he focused full-time on the online magazine AutomatedBuildings.com .

When Uncle Ken joked that he was handing down the same buildings that he worked on to me, I realized that we have to find a better way.

– Scott Sinclair

Since 2003, SES has gathered together a team of engineers and other values aligned professionals with a passion to create a real impact on energy use in buildings. He was joined by Brad White as business partner to build and grow our business into a thriving social venture. Together they have a vision to drive the adoption of energy efficiency technology, strategies, and behaviours in buildings.

Today, SES continues to live the values of innovation and real results. Using traditional energy efficiency engineering as well as operator training, staff engagement, fault detection, and research into new technologies to increase impact, improve persistence, and continue the evolution of the building management industry.