Vancouver’s goal is to become the Greenest City in the world by 2050. The city’s Renewable City Strategy outlines key priorities to help Vancouver transition to 100% renewable energy sources. Retrofitting existing buildings so they use less energy and make use of renewable energy options is a key part of this strategy. SES Consulting plays an important role in achieving a sustainable future by reducing the energy demand of existing buildings. Our engineers improve a building’s overall performance and reduce GHG emissions through innovation energy solutions.

Check out the city’s Renewable City Strategy video that highlights Vancouver’s green building priorities. At 2:25, watch Scott Sinclair, SES President and CEO, as he speaks to the importance of providing renewable energy options to the electrical grid. SES shares Vancouver’s vision that locally available renewable energy sources are the way to a sustainable future. SES continues to promote the development of geo-exchange, wind, and solar power options in British Columbia as well as in our projects.