SES Consulting is proud to receive APEGBC’s 2016 Sustainability Award for the Heat Reclaim project at Vancity‘s head office. With Vancity’s support, SES devised an innovative solution to meet the building’s heating and cooling needs. Engineers used an existing product in a new application to capture and convert waste heat to warm the office and data centre. The heat recovery chiller captures low grade waste heat from the data centre to offset boiler usage.

2016 APEGBC Sustainability Award – VanCity Heat Reclaim Project – SES Consulting

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SES is privileged to work with clients like VanCity: a values-based financial co-operative working in the Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Victoria, Squamish and Alert Bay areas. VanCity not only invests in it’s community, but walks the talk and works to reduce it’s own environmental footprint. That and they aren’t afraid to try something a little out of the box!


Since January 2015, this Heat Reclaim project has achieved a 97% reduction in annual gas consumption, 75% reduction in GHG emissions and 35% in domestic hot water needs. All this with a payback of 6.3 years. It’s not business as usual to use a heat recovery chiller in this manner but there are exciting opportunities for broader application in the future.

Team Effort

There were many players who helped make this project a success. Check out the stories on this project on the FortisBC and Trane sites. Or visit the other project partners  Johnson Controls and Davidson Bros to learn more about their role in this award winning effort.

Check out the feature story in APEGBC’s Innovation Magazine.

Congratulations team!