This summer, Simon Fraser University, has signed a much anticipated deal with Corix to develop a Biomass Heating plant at it’s Burnaby Campus.  From the press release:

As a model for practical and affordable sustainability, the CEP is proving to be a cost-effective, long-term and environmentally responsible alternative energy system that will benefit SFU’s Burnaby Campus and the community that surrounds it. “This biomass facility is another example of SFU’s commitment to sustainability, which is a key principle of our strategic vision.” says SFU president Andrew Petter. “In recent years, SFU has taken significant action to decrease our carbon footprint, reduce waste, and implement a range of other sustainability measures.”

Implementation timelines have yet to be released, but the project is expected to put the University well ahead of it’s 2020 carbon reduction goals of 33% over 2007 levels, and could see SFU meeting carbon neutrality by 2050.

Having worked with the Energy Group at SFU for many years, SES is continually impressed with the forward thinking and innovative approach to carbon reduction.

More details in the linked whitepaper from Corix.