The British Columbia Clean Buildings Tax Credit is a program that provides a tax credit to businesses and organizations that invest in energy-efficient retrofits for their buildings. This credit will cover up to 5% of your total retrofit cost. In order to qualify for the credit, the retrofit must be certified and SES Consulting can help you get your retrofit certified.

To certify a retrofit for the British Columbia Clean Buildings Tax Credit you will need to do the following four steps:

  1. Hire a qualified person: In order to certify a retrofit for the tax credit, you will need to hire a qualified person. This can be a professional engineer, a certified energy manager, or a certified energy advisor.
  2. Evaluate your retrofit: SES Consulting will help you to evaluate your retrofit to determine whether it meets the eligibility requirements for the tax credit. This may include assessing the energy efficiency of the retrofit, as well as the anticipated energy savings.
  3. Complete the necessary documentation: SES Consulting will complete and submit the necessary documentation to certify your retrofit for the tax credit. This may include a report detailing the energy savings expected from the retrofit, as well as any supporting documentation, such as invoices or receipts.
  4. Claim the tax credit: Once your retrofit has been certified, you can claim the tax credit on your tax return. You will need to provide documentation of the certification, as well as any other required information, to claim the credit.


This credit is only available for retrofits costs that were paid after February 22, 2022, and before April 1, 2026. You can start certifying your retrofit 12 months after its completion.

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